Maryland Area Ministry

Elder Leroy Willis

Leroy Willis, under the direction of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, carrys-out the nursing home ministry in the Baltimore, Maryland area. He is a member of the Flame of Fire (O.R.M.) Outreach Ministries, charter by the State of South Carolina, to legally carry out the ministry work.

We greet you in the name of our God and Father and his loving son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is indeed a joy and pleasure to be a part of the Flame of Fire Outreach Ministries, where we are touching lives for Christ. God is not only good, he’s more than good. Our mission is to spread the love and message of Jesus Christ. We are doing that in the nursing home ministry here by providing support and encouragement by regular visits in the nursing home environment. Our nursing home ministry is currently located at Milford Manor nursing home and rehabilitation center here in Baltimore, Maryland. We spend every other Saturday making spiritual visits throughout the nursing facility. Sometimes we are called on to visit other nursing facilities, and hospitals in the area.

It’s all about serving God. Every single soul on the earth is important to God, and we’re going to try to touch as many souls as possible. There are those who are shut in due to age and physical limitation. We share God’s word and minister to residents, workers, and family members. Every visit is very special and is always a blessing to us as well as the ones who we minister to through the Holy Spirit. On the third Sunday of the month, we have church service for the residents, workers, and family members. We also have church service as requested on special occasions by the nursing facility. Our service consists of praise and worship, Scripture reading, sharing testimonies, preaching God’s word and just worshiping God. No one is capable of bridging the gap between God and ourselves by our own efforts, but the Savior came to do just that on our behalf. We realize that Jesus did for each one of us what we couldn’t do for ourselves. Most of us can handle life when the conditions are good, but when pain, discouragement and despair fuel our lives, we failed to maintain control. But we can be confident that no matter what circumstances we have to face, or trials we have to go through, as long as we put our trust in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, everything is under control.

My wife Robin and my son Nicholas are always at my side serving and doing what God has called the family to do together and that is to serve Him. I thank God for the both of them. We at Flame of Fire Outreach Ministries are here to make a positive impact worldwide for the Lord. I believe we call the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are committed to the mission of the Flame of Fire Outreach Ministries to spread the gospel and do God’s work.

Love note: to love is to obey God. Remember love begins in the heart. But when what’s on the inside changes the outside, love becomes an action.

Yours in Christ, Leroy Willis